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With a strong value proposition and inventive social media marketing tips implemented properly, you can reach more customers online and maintain a positive online reputation. Social media management allows you to do just that, and we are here to help achieve your goals.

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Social Media Management

Drive up your brand equity with strategic social media and leverage the increased value of your brand over time. We will help you increase demand for your product or service and nurture lifetime loyalty. Keep customers coming back for more with content that puts them at the heart of the conversation.

Understanding your objectives : The first step in building your successful social media strategy is to understand your top business goals and aligning these with the approach to social media. We always get the best results when we have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

Auditing, set-up & strategic planning : Once we can align your top business goals to social media, our team will start to build a deeper understanding of your business and get to work on building out a social media strategy just for you. This includes:

  • Auditing your existing social media position
  • Understanding your competitor landscape
  • Setting social media objectives
  • Researching relevant types of content that work well in your industry
  • Optimising your social media channels and profiles
  • Building a plan and designing post templates and styles

Content planning & publishing : With a clear strategy, our team can get the creative juices flowing and start to work on what matters - creating and scheduling engaging content. Our content planning and publishing can cover the following

  • Visual asset creation and curation - we will create a suite of post templates to maximise the assets that you have available
  • Copywriting - our team can craft compelling copy that strikes a chord, at the drop of a hat. Every post will marry the perfect combination of text and visual
  • Video posts - Maximise your potential reach with engaging video content for the feed, IGTV, Live, Reels and more
  • Monthly content schedule - our strategy enables us to build monthly content plans
  • Client post/plan approval - we will plan content ahead of time and share with you for approval before posting on your channels
  • Optimal send time - our expert software helps us identify the best time to post content for maximum engagement

Community management & engagement : A winning social strategy doesn’t stop with publishing content. Our dedicated team will work closely with our leading software to manage and nurture your audience to get the most out of every interaction. Our Smart Inbox gives us total sight over the comments and messages that matter so we can respond in a timely and meaningful way which helps to organically grow your community.

Reporting & analytics : Get access to the metrics that matter with our detailed reporting. Our reports will help you understand audience growth, engagement, post clicks, and can cover the following areas:

  • Analyse your biggest competitors
  • Understand top performing posts
  • Demographic breakdowns
  • Hashtag or campaign analysis

Experienced Social Media Experts

Whether you own a startup, enterprise or a multi-location company, our social media marketing firm strives to go above and beyond your expectations. We give your brand a solid social media presence and online reputation through sustained research, tracking and adaptation to online trends and resources.

Transparent Reporting

Our custom, in-depth reporting measures include social media campaign reports that give a full overview of your social media performance. We also offer a monthly breakdown of the social media tasks we’ve performed and the hours we’ve spent to help you monitor your ROI.

Dedicated Account Managers

At Workathon, we assign specific strategists depending on your industry demands, social media marketing needs and goals. This means you could get multiple social media digital marketing experts working on your brand. Your dedicated account managers are available by email or phone to respond to any questions or engage in discussions.

Why Social Media Marketing ?

Social media has created an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to engage directly with customers and gather valuable insights for brand development. With a strong value proposition and inventive social media marketing tips implemented properly, you can reach more customers online and maintain a positive online reputation.

Why Do You Choose Workathon ?

As an award-winning social media management company, Workathon maintains full transparency so you can see first-hand how our efforts are increasing your online revenue. Our commitment to effective social media management and marketing strategies creates a valuable network resource for your online marketing needs.


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