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Paid media is proven to provide staggering returns on digital marketing spends. When curated efficiently, paid media can be used to precisely target the demographic audience generate highest quality leads.Using paid media, businesses can market on digital platforms through paid ads, campaigns, display advertisements, sponsored posts, video ads etc. to effectively generate clicks, traffic, and expand reach.

  • Programmatic Display : Achieve strategic online placements and advertise your business to a targeted audience through Google’s contextual advertising network, the Google Display Network, DV360 and YouTube.
  • Video Advertising : Use the Google Marketing Platform’s premium Display & Video 360 real-time bidding suite to expand your reach to targeted consumers via an unparalleled network of ad inventory.
  • Amazon Advertising : Grow your overall store performance by investing in Amazon Advertising. Our Amazon PPC specialists work with your ecommerce team to optimise ROAS/ROI across your Amazon activity. We manage all ad types across Amazon, including Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads and Display Product ads. `

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Social Media Marketing
“Team Workathon’s efforts resulted in 1M website visits, 82% rise in sales and 334% ROI over a span of 10 months.”
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Search Engine Optimization
“For this Non-profit organization, Workathon brought in $1.5M as funds and donations and created awareness to increase ROI to 456% over a span of 6 months.”
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Search Engine Marketing
“Workathon has generated 4M New organic visitors, 98% Revenue growth, 638% Return on investment”
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Social Media Advertising
“Workathon’s efforts brought in 10M website visits, 93% rise in sales and 534% ROI over a span of 8 months.”
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App Marketing
“Workathon has generated 1.2M New app downloads, 98% Revenue growth, 478% ROI for Fast Cab App.”
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