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About the company.

Metre Per Second is India's premium and best-rated car maintenance startup, with a 5-year history. Established in 2016, with the goal of providing customers in Hyderabad with transparent, convenient, and reliable car service and repair directly at their doorstep.

Engagement Overview.

Metre Per Second, like many other early-stage startups, lacked an internal marketing team and a defined digital marketing strategy.

The firm required an expert team to create an inbound marketing engine that would generate consistent traffic, leads, and income. And, most importantly, a strategic advisor who can be relied on.

Metre Per Second partnered with Workathon in 2016 to assist build the online company.

Workathon devised a full-funnel digital marketing approach aimed at generating organic authority and traffic, creating a conversion-friendly website, and nurturing leads and customers throughout the service booking and beyond.

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“With other Orange County marketing agencies, you pay a $5,000 retainer only to get standard work that might sound great, but it doesn't do much for your bottom line. The Workathon Marketing team naturally holds themselves to metrics and communicates those in a transparent and streamlined way; it's what separates them from all the agencies I've worked with.”
CEO & CoFounder, Thompson Tee


As an emerging car repair and service brand, Metre Per Second had gained a loyal following but needed to get its services in the hands of more customers.

TBy testing and optimizing the website for conversions, running promotions and building email automation, Workathon has grown the company from Rs. 10L to Rs. 1 Cr in revenue.

Through full-funnel monthly reporting, including ROI, ROAS and profit, Workathon has helped the brand more closely evaluate services e-commerce performance to make smarter business decisions.