D2C Marketing

Internet has accelerated the growth of D2C business model and E-commerce platforms have helped it flourish. The pandemic has helped witness a huge influx of consumers in the D2C brands.

Digital Marketing is an essential part of D2C as it leverages on the internet and the E- commerce platforms for its sales. Our team of experts are the right choice for you to lay a more profitable path to your business.

We provide Services

Advanced Analytics:

We leverage on the latest technologies to analyze the target audience based on the demographics, online behaviors, psychographics, etc

Social media management:

We not only help you create a social media presence for your brand but also help you increase sales over these platform

Paid Advertising:

We’re experts in all digital advertising techniques used to reach out to your target audience, achieving the ROAS targets across all the channels

D2C strategy and Analytics:

Even from the beginning of your business or in the midway, we are here for you and you can leverage on our analytical strategies

Content writing:

Our expert content writers will assist you in sending out your story, vision, the mission and the values you believe in

Branding and Product launch:

We have the resources and the expertise to launch and promote your brand and create that impact to compete with your rivals.


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Businesses Empowered

Let’s check our case studies.

Social Media Marketing
“Team Workathon’s efforts resulted in 1M website visits, 82% rise in sales and 334% ROI over a span of 10 months.”
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Search Engine Optimization
“For this Non-profit organization, Workathon brought in $1.5M as funds and donations and created awareness to increase ROI to 456% over a span of 6 months.”
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Search Engine Marketing
“Workathon has generated 4M New organic visitors, 98% Revenue growth, 638% Return on investment”
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Social Media Advertising
“Workathon’s efforts brought in 10M website visits, 93% rise in sales and 534% ROI over a span of 8 months.”
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App Marketing
“Workathon has generated 1.2M New app downloads, 98% Revenue growth, 478% ROI for Fast Cab App.”
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